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The Bull Market Report follows stocks we like and offers investing opportunities.  We organize our ideas among portfolios.  We follow our companies in our Weekly Newsletter, Daily Reports, ongoing research, and frequent News Flashes.  As a subscriber you can access our portfolios and the stock newsletter at anytime.

There’s Always a Bull Market Here…


STOCKS FOR SUCCESS are stocks we like.  Period.  We would buy them now, buy them tomorrow, buy them next month.  We believe they are going higher. And they are the types of stocks that will be outgrowing the United States economy. They are stocks for the long term investor.  View analysis and research HERE.


The Bull Market Report offers a powerful High Yield Portfolio.  Many folks are not looking for growth stocks; they are looking for solid companies that will maintain their value but pay above-average dividends.  This is the goal of The Bull Market Report High Yield Portfolio.  Access our exclusive research HERE.


Bull Market’s High Technology Portfolio includes stocks we like. Period. We would buy them now, buy them tomorrow, buy them next month. We believe they are going higher. They are at the forefront of the growth of the economy and the High Tech world of Silicon Valley. They are masters of global dominance.  View the portfolio HERE.


The Bull Market Report Special Opportunities Portfolio is a heavily researched list of stocks that offer unusual opportunities for profit.  They are turnaround situations where the stock is down by over 70% – sometimes 90%.  We believe them to have the chance to rebound due to operational and fiscal changes by management, or an opportunity for them to be bought out by another company.  View the portfolio HERE.


This is a great time to create a portfolio of great companies in Healthcare. Why? The stock market is near record levels having left Healthcare stocks in the dust. Overall the group has been one of the market’s worst performers over the past year: down 31%. The sheer size and importance of Healthcare makes it a must-own in any portfolio. View analysis and research HERE.


The Bull Market REIT Portfolio is list of stocks that we believe in. These stocks are Real Estate Investment Trusts. By law have to pay out over 90% of their income. They generally pay out fairly high dividends compared to other companies. And they are generally in the real estate business but not always. They are our top picks in the REIT world. We have decided to wait on creating a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) portfolio at this time due to market conditions, but we may surprise you and add one or two MLPs. View analysis and research HERE.

Investing Philosophy

The Bull Market Report stock newsletter focuses on researching and identifying companies with significant appreciation potential. Our stock newsletter aims to keep you informed of the latest market developments and to provide you with company intelligence to help you make sound investment decisions. Our goal is to help you achieve above-average returns from companies that are poised to revolutionize their industries and that are having a major influence on the world we live in. We want to help you create wealth for yourself and your family.

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