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Complementary Apple Report

Apple Inc: (AAPL) Investment Research Report Is Apple Becoming A Value Stock?   Is Apple a growth stock or a value stock? Let’s take a look at the values. Cash and Investments equal about $50 per share, about 34% of the current market value of the company. Take out...

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Annaly Is Moving Forward with New Capital

Annaly Is Moving Forward with New Capital We have seen some big announcements from Annaly recently. Annaly Capital Management (NLY: $11.70) announced that it intends to make a public offering of 60,000,000 shares of common stock, plus the 9 million over-allotment,...

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Tech Titans Could Trigger Rewrite of Antitrust Rules

Tech titans could trigger rewrite of antitrust rules. Investors have spotted a vulnerability in the giant companies like Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon. Since June 26 – the day before European regulators fined Google a record $2.7 billion in an antitrust case – the...

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Insider News Flash: Annaly Capital Management

Annaly Capital Management -  The CEO said: “While numerous other management teams in the industry have been selling stock recently, our people have been purchasing stock through our Employee Stock Ownership Program…” Note that the company is 19 times the size of the...

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What’s Going On With These Tech Stocks?

What's going on with Apple Stock this week? Apple gave us a buying opportunity last week as the stock fell from its all-time high level of $156 to the low $140s. Earnings are expected to be $9 this year and increasing toward $11 over the next 2 years. The business is...

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What Can You Expect From Amazon Stock?

Amazon (AMZN; $988, +1% for the week; up $23 on Friday) Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus; passion for invention; commitment to operational excellence; and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping,...

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